Celebrating 50 Years of Nurturing Childhood
Settling over four generations of once parentless or abandoned children of the country, SOS Children's Villages of India has served for over 50 years till now.

With the inauguration of the first SOS Children's Village at Greenfields, Faridabad by Indira Gandhi, the organization has now spread all across the country. Every time a natural or man-made disaster has struck an area/region, SOS Children's Villages have been active in assisting and intiating relief operations and activities, with central importance being given to the affected children. As a result, many SOS Children's Villages in Hojai, Guwahati, Bhuj, Bhopal, Latur, Bhubaneswar, Rajpura, Jammu, Srinagar, Rourkela, Nagapattinam and Puducherry were born.

SOS Children's Villages of India also provides support to families in adverse conditions as a part of its Family Strengthening Programme. The aim of this programme has been to empower biological parents under trying conditions to strenghthen their capactities as care givers for their children. The programme has worked as a preventive measure to contain the abandonment of children by their families.

Today, four generations of once parentless and abandoned children are leading constructive lives. They have an identity, a family to call their own and most importantly, a life that has set examples for others to grow up to become active and contributing members of society.

This has been made possible by the continuous support of donors and friends like you, who come forward to help us change the future of many vulnerable children in India. Now, the big challenge that lies ahead of us is to make our programmes 100% financially sustainable. It is in this hour of need, when our friends and supporters all over the world are facing the financial crunch and with India emerging as a strong self-sustainable nation, the onus has fallen on us to cover our costs and not compromise on the quality care we have been providing all these years, even for a second.

Guess what? We take pride in taking up this challenge and with over 50 years of transforming lives with us, we re-pose our faith in your support.

We believe in you!


Come forward and support us now!