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Financial Information and Transparency

SOS Children’s Villages of India has been a strong advocate of the concerns, rights, and needs of parentless and abandoned children in the country for the last five decades and the organization’s high standards of accountability and transparency are reflected through the clear distribution of funds it receives from its donors, friends and corporate partners.

How is the money spent?

35% - Integrated Education Support

28% - Child Family Expenses

19% - Administrative Expenses

18% - Health and Nutrition


All these years our work has been supported extensively by donations from abroad. With the recession in Europe and USA, the foreign donations are on the decline. Since we are a self-implementing NGO unlike other large NGOs and we provide long term care to abandoned children over a period of 24 years, we need sustained support.

Even today, more than 60% of our project cost is still met by the donations from our overseas friends. To simply sustain our current level of work, to simply manage the 6700 children who live in our children’s villages across India, we are in need of support, not a one-time donation, but a sustained support.

With effect from 1st April 2017, all Donations to SOS India are 50% Income Tax Exempt under Section 80G(5) (IV) of Income Tax Act 1961 Vide Notification No. DIT (E) 2007-2008/S-4309/588 Dt : 18-6-2007 Valid from 1-4-2007


Receipts & Payments, Income & Expenditure  and Balance sheet of foreign contribution 

Foreign Contribution Balance Sheet for 2015-2016


Goverment of India Notification Regarding Section 35AC for Assesment Year 2018-19


Foreign Contributions

Donor details - Foreign Contribution VI​ (Jan 2017 to March 2017)

Donor details - Foreign Contribution VII (April 2017 to June 2017)

Donor details - Foreign Contribution VIII (July 2017 to September 2017)

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