SOS Children’s Villages is an ngo for orphan children which provides education for poor children in India.


Education has the power to eradicate all evils from society. It is our constant endevour to reach out to as many children as we can and not only to provide them with a loving home but also good quality education that enables them to become contributing members of the society.

SOS Children’s Villages of India has set-up kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, professional institutes and vocational training centers. These educational institutions not only cater to children and youngsters under our care but also reach out to children in need from the neighborhood communities.

  • The SOS Nursing school has been selected as the best Nursing school out of 63 institutions in the state of Haryana
  • The number of students in SOS Schools increased from 6,656 to 7,224
  • Number of children from the target group (underprivileged) reached 1,814
  • In Vocational Training Centers, the number of students increased from 212 to 272
  • Smart Classwas extended to HGS Palla Nuh, Bhopal, Bhuj and Anangpur
  • Nizamuddin and Raipur Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) acquired Government registration. Nizamuddin VTC also got registered under Delhi Technical Training Education (DTTE)

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