SOS Children’s Villages of India supports children and young people in difficult circumstances to reach their full potential. The various programmes can be observed on a care of continuum, as described below:

FOR EASY comprehension – the continuum of alternative care can be imagined as a linear horizontal line: at its far right, are the biological families, where children are cared for in their natural environment. On the far left of this continuum is located the CCIs aka child care institutions/ orphanages. These are the last and least desirable resort for children, where food and shelter is ensured but not the personalised, individual care nor any attachment with the caregiver. From right end of the spectrum to its left, there exist several forms of care – some known, others to be discovered. Half a century old SOS Children’s Villages of India with a proof of concept is ever aspiring to support children and youth anywhere on this continuum.


For children who have been separated, abandoned or have lost parental care, we offer solutions such as Family Like Care (or Group Foster Care) to Kinship Care or Community-Based Foster Care. Working on the root cause of child abandonment, as a preventive measure we strengthen biological families. With advocacy and technical partnerships, we engage with various stakeholders, on this continuum, in improving the experience of children living in different alternative care settings – such as Child Care Institutions.