Serving God by serving children in need
Serving God by serving children in need

“Mother’s love is bliss, is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. If it is there, it is like a blessing; if it is not there, it is as if all the beauty had gone out of life” – Erich Fromm

This quote is more of a universal truth rather than a revelation. We all view a mother as an epitome of unconditional and self-sacrificing love. She nurtures her children, numbering one, two or three; in the best possible way she can, providing them everything they need, desire and so much more.

 However, can you imagine a mother who nurtures, on an average, 20 to 25 children in a lifetime, instead of the usual one, two or three? That’s exactly what the incredible SOS Mothers do! This Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honour this unique spirit of motherhood.

Ansamma Scaria is one such mother. As a nun, she had dedicated her life to the service of God for 15 years. But six years back, a visit to SOS Children’s Village Aluva in Kerala, changed her life forever. She fell in love with the children there and decided to serve God by serving them. She had visited House No. 10, the same family residing there now. She responded to her calling, gave up being a nun and became an SOS Mother to eight once parentless children in the same Village. Today, she is a fulfilled Mother, nurturing lives of those eight happy children!

She says, “It was God’s wish! I love nurturing a large number of children and I find impacting lives of children more fulfilling than my previous role.”

Today, Ansamma, aged 45, is raising eight happy and vibrant children, five girls and three boys, in House No. 10, SOS Village, Aluva, Cochin. Her children range from four year old to 15, Suzie, being the youngest, at four. Suzie was brought home as a five month old infant and Ansamma is the one who brought her up. They both dote on each other. She says what keeps her fulfilled is the love she gets from her children and the freedom to shape and impact the lives of the children under her care, in her own unique way.

Her challenges as a mother are not unique. They are universal and any biological mother would be able to relate to them. Like all mothers we know, she loves talking about her children. She would happily narrate tales about the boy who is naughty and doesn’t pay any attention to studies, the teenaged daughter who has a hot temper, another teenaged daughter who loves looking at herself in the mirror, the four year old who wants to participate in all the household chores and rituals and ends up messing things all around instead etc.

Ansamma pushes her children relentlessly to excel in academics. She is also fond of dancing and therefore, encourages her children to participate in various extra-curricular activities and hobbies. And her influence is quite evident as her children are engaged in quizzing, singing, dancing, painting, karate etc.  

Ansamma appreciates that society respects her as a SOS Mother for her lifelong service to children and contribution in child care. She visualizes the rest of her life dedicated to the service of SOS children and has no other desire but to retire as a SOS mother and continue to remain an integral part of the SOS family.

(As written by Barnali Das, Head - Communications, SOS Children's Villages of India)

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