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Donation of any amount can help parentless and abandonded children now more than ever!

In this pandemic situation across the globe, something still remains unchanged, SOS Children’s Villages of India’s mission to help abandoned children who have learned the cruelty of life too early, and vulnerable families who have lost their all and are facing hunger and extreme poverty.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the country all in terms of scale, speed of spread and impact, as a measure of response, SOS Children’s Villages of India has developed different strategies to cater to the emerging health and humanitarian crisis among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and communities.

SOS Children’s Villages of India plans to reach out to 27,000 children including their caregivers across 10,000 families in 22 States of India with the ultimate aim to help them rebuild their lives and communities. Depending on the specific requirements, SOS India will be extending recovery assistance to prevent further damage and loss, repair essential services, protect health, provide psycho-social support, restore livelihoods, and enhance food security.

While quarantined at home, please spare a thought for children who do not have a family to be around, for families who have lost it all, and kindly consider supporting us– in any way possible to help continue keeping our children and families safe and healthy.

Even in isolation, we all stand united!

How can you help keep children safe in the comfort of their homes?

There are  6696 children and 480 caregivers living in 446 family homes in 32 Children’s Villages across 22 States under the care of SOS India. The present lock down is unprecedented, forcing the children and mothers/caregivers to stay indoors resulting in a lot of inconvenience. Due to a lockdown and subsequent increase of prices of essential commodities, we are in dire need of support to purchase essentials such as fresh fruits, veggies, milk, immunity booster kits, hygiene kits and other important household items. 

Ration for 3 months:  Supply of ration such as rice, wheat, atta, dal, chana, soya beans, etc. till the situation is normalized. We need ration for 6696 children and 480 mothers/caregivers.

Support our Youth: Many young very skilled boys and girls have been rendered unemployed due to the lockdown. They have diverse skills and much to offer.

Hygiene and Health Essentials: All 446 family homes in 32 SOS Children’s Villages across India have been provided with preventive items such as hand sanitizers, liquid soap (Dettol, Savlon, etc.), masks, toiletries, mopping cleanser, bleaching powder etc. But the supplies are running out and we need your support in replenishing them.

Technological support: Due to school and college closures, children in the Villages are now learning online. However, not all of them have their own personal laptops/tablets, and often have to share the common resources in their home/village learning centre.

How can you help keep children safe in the comfort of their homes?

Women, children, and the marginalized communities are all paying the highest price and are also most at risk of suffering devastating losses from COVID-19. SOS India is responding to the needs of 20,000 Children & 10,000 Families belonging to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities across 22 States to help keep them safe.

Supporting continued access to essential health care services for women, children and vulnerable communities – As most of these families live in informal settlements with unhygienic conditions and issues of sanitation & hygiene, all these families are at high risk of getting infected. A hygiene kit to each of these families across all the project locations will act as a safety tool for them. This kit will comprise of basic materials like hand sanitizer, sanitary pad, soap, mask and other basic cleansing materials. The support will also include purchase of Personal Protection Equipment in the Villages (2 sets per location*32 locations) and infrared thermometers in each location. This will ensure the safety of caregivers in the villages.

Ensuring continuous supply of dry ration and essential fruits and vegetables – More than 10,000 families highly affected by COVID need to be given supplies of essential food items. The dry ration will comprise of basic grocery materials (which will include rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil etc.) to survive and mitigate the current situation. We also need support in providing these families and their young children with basic fruits and vegetables.

Supporting access to continuous education, social protection, and child protection disrupted by the pandemic – Despite the lockdown, children’s learning can’t be stopped.We need support in providing distance learning through online channels. SOS India’s goal is to ensure that children affected by COVID-19 have access to adequate alternative learning arrangements and protection services.

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