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July Round Up

As the battle with Coronavirus continues we at SOS Children’s Villages of India are committed to support vulnerable children and their families in this crises situation. Our benevolent teams across the country have been making sure that all our children and community caregivers are engaged positively in some or the other work, keeping their safety [...]
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August Round Up

As the journey of COVID-19 continues so does the journey of SOS India. With some relaxations slowly everyone is getting back on track towards their routine lives. Right from our dynamic youth Grace Valentine getting her article published in a renowned journal to electing new leaders of the Children Committee in SOS Chennai, our children [...]
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Prevention of Child Abandonment

According to UNICEF, India has 29.6 million orphan and abandoned children. In 2011, a study was conducted by SOS Children’s Villages of India, concluded that this number equals the 4% of India’s child population. However, in disconcerting figures provided by Childline India Foundation in 2017, of these 30 million children, there are only 470,000 children in institutionalised [...]
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UN adopts Rights of the Child Resolution with a focus on children without parental care

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly embraces Rights of the Child resolution with advanced commitments for parentless and abandoned children across the world. UN General Assembly’s Third Committee finalized negotiations and adopted its annual resolution on the Rights of the Child (A/RES/74/21) on 18th November, 2019. This year, the resolution focuses on one [...]
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Highlights 2019

The year 2019 was of great success for SOS Children’s Villages of India. From being awarded among the best child care NGOs to getting partnership with some influential organizations, this year had a lot in store for SOS India’s growth as whole. The national campaign #NoChildAlone was successfully launched and has managed to reach around [...]
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Child Poverty Long term effects

Childhood poverty is a widespread issue in the world, with millions of children living in need of proper education and health. Poverty can lead to both immediate and permanent consequences that can follow a child into adulthood. Various behavioral studies and research concentrating especially on children that grow up in conditions of poverty have [...]
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