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Donate for Covid 19 Relief Work

Your Donation of any amount at this crucial time can really help vulnerable children more than ever! Your support is Vital!

We are in the midst of the one of the severest humanitarian crisis in a century. With the surge in the second wave, a disastrous tragedy is unfolding in India, especially in the lives of the vulnerable communities who are battling the virus as well as daily survival, at the worst ever happening. Millions have been rendered homeless and without a livelihood, with quality care of their children compromised. Children are at a far greater risk as the second wave of Covid 19 strikes India. Fear of getting infected with Covid-19, anxiety to succumb to the virus, concern for an infected relative, and the thought of losing a loved one to this virus this is the current state of mind for most of us . In these trying times SOS Children's Villages of India expresses solidarity with the people to fight COVID -19 as well as to reach out and support to the best of our ability. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the country, all in terms of scale, speed of spread and impact, as a measure of response, SOS Children's Villages of India has developed different strategies to cater to the emerging health and humanitarian crisis among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and communities, while ensuring that all the children under our care too remain safe and secure.

COVID-19 Relief Work by SOS Children Villages of India

SOS Children’s Villages of India plans to reach out to 27,000 children including their caregivers across 10,000 families in 22 States of India with the ultimate aim to help them rebuild their lives and communities. Depending on the specific requirements, SOS India is extending recovery assistance to prevent further damage and loss, repair essential services, protect health, provide psychosocial support, restore livelihoods, and enhance food security.

  • We shall equip each SOS Children’s Village with Oxygen concentrators – (Beneficiaries more than 4000 children & 600 mothers and aunts)
  • We will supply of Covid/ medical kit to 220 family homes across India (Beneficiaries more 2200 children & 250 mothers and aunts)
  • We will Supply of Covid / Medical kit to affected 800 families in community (Beneficiaries 800 caregivers and more than 2500 children)
  • We will ensure safe and protected environment for children who have parents / families suffering / lost lives due to Covid-19 under our short term and long term stay programmes.
  • We will reach out to provide Dry Ration supplies for 3 months to vulnerable families in communities.
  • We shall work towards building Awareness and bringing out behavioural change-extend much needed psychosocial and technological support to overcome this crisis.
  • We will work towards Linking families with State and Centre sponsored Welfare Schemes
  • We will work towards rebuilding the lives through Livelihood assistance.

HOW CAN YOU HELP With your donation, we can fast track relief efforts to the most vulnerable in India

Select No. of Months :

includes Oximeter/thermal scanner/PPE kit/masks/Sanitizer/BP Machine/Liquid Hand wash & Detergent powder/Head Mask/Gloves/Medicines, as required)

Dry ration support to families (Rice- 5Kg, Dal - 5 Kg, Flour - 5 Kg, Milk - 30 kg, Salt - 2 Packets, Sugar/Jaggery - 3 kg)

(Sanitizer/Sanitary pads/soap/masks/ gloves/liquid toilet cleaner/ Dettol)

(1 per Children’s Village)

80G Tax Benefits

Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% tax benefit under section 80G

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