Love brings people closer.

Come join us as we celebrate love that is universal and touches many hearts. Love not only gives hope but also drives one to be better. It unleashes one’s potential and inspires one to go beyond possibilities.

Since 1964, SOS Children’s Villages of India has been a loving home to once parentless and abandoned children. We have realized that for all these years, there’s only one thing that has kept our bond strong, the power of love. Come, experience the same love with us!

Donate for no other reason but love | Choose one of these options to fill a once parentless child’s life with love!

  1. Sponsor a child with Rs. 990/month
  2. Sponsor a child with Rs. 11880/year
  3. Sponsor a child and his education with Rs. 28200/year

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You might have heard love stories that inspired you or touched your heart. Here are some #StoriesOfLove that will move you and will redefine your idea of love.