SOS Tarang

SOS Tarang is the annual festival of SOS India that commemorates the occasion of Universal Children’s Day in order to celebrate Child’s Rights. It is a series of regional and zonal level competitions and activities where children are provided a platform to showcase their talent in the field of sports, art and culture. The purpose of celebrating this day with such fervor is to mark appreciation for the outstanding skills and abilities that our children encompass and to inculcate confidence in them. Once the series of events end at the lower levels, the children then compete at the National Level Competition which is also the grand finale of our festival.


SOS Day is celebrated on June 23rd every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS Children’s Villages. To celebrate the joyous occasion, a cultural programme is organised across all projects of SOS India, where children, along with their mothers and village co-workers indulge in offering prayers and other fun filled activities. The ceremonies also include singing the special birthday song for the occasion.

SOS Children’s Villages, the brainchild of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, has been involved in giving abandoned and parentless children a loving family like atmosphere to grow up in for 68 years. In SOS Children’s Villages, children are nurtured with nothing but love and care within a well-protected environment.

Tara Ali Baig Memorial Lecture

The birth anniversary of Tara Ali Baig, the 2nd President of SOS India, is celebrated on August 8th every year. She was an active leader in the organisation and stood as an inspiration to many for years. To pay respect and continue her legacy with the same spirit, SOS Children’s Villages of India organises a memorial lecture on this day every year.

Tara Ali Baig was elected as the President of SOS Children’s Villages of India in 1977 and served as the same for 22 years. During this time, the organisation grew massively as an effective children welfare organisation. She was also actively involved with the up-bringing of grown-up boys and girls, who very fondly still remember her as ‘Tara Grandma’. She was a multifaceted speaker and delivered many prominent lectures in the past. Her contribution in the SOS family is notable.

SOS Buddy Programme

Launched in 2016, the SOS Buddy Programme serves as a bridge between children from affluent backgrounds and the underprivileged cross sections of our country. A platform for privileged children to understand the nuances of development sector, this programme gives them a wonderful opportunity to learn about the cause of children in need of care and protection.

Besides getting practical knowledge and experience, working with SOS Children’s Villages of India helps them get an edge over others in job selection in future by enhancing their communication and life skills. Additionally, this real time experience of working in a professional environment helps them break the monotony of their school/college daily routine too. Finally, for those who are genuinely interested in working in the development sector, the SOS Buddy Programme serves as a stepping stone for them.

Buddies enrolled in this programme work within different verticals. If you are interested, you can write to us at:

Pay To Volunteer

SOS Children’s Villages of India aims to build resilience in vulnerable families to ensure every child grows in a protective environment with endless opportunities to learn, develop and grow. SOS India asks volunteers to pay as volunteering costs money because when people come, expenses are incurred. SOS India being one of the nonprofits, raises funding (income) through donations, grants, and program fees, making it impossible to pay for the expenses of volunteering events/projects.