Help Victims of Cyclone Fani

SOS Children's Villages of India Disaster Relief and Emergency Response team is working to provide support to minimum 1000 families.

Cyclone FANI, is the India's strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in 20 years, has struck Odisha with sustained winds of 175 kilometers per hour. The storm was the equivalent of a Category 4, triggering heavy rainfall in vast areas. 
Large areas in the town of Puri and other regions were submerged under water as heavy rains hit the entire coastal belt of the state.  Families who were already living on the brink of poverty are now been left with nothing. The loss of life, homes, crops, and livestock is devastating. Around 8, 00,000 people have been evacuated. Our team is on the ground, implementing a long-term rehabilitation programme for the worst-affected families. 
As it happens with almost every natural disaster, children are hit the hardest! They struggle to come to terms with intense psychological trauma as they deal with the loss of homes, belongings. Children need urgent support to make it through this crisis. 

SOS Children’s Villages of India has set up two relief camps reaching out to affected 1000 families who are most vulnerable. Safe Child Care Spaces for children is being created in these Relief Camps The relief work will begin from 4th May 2019

Relief Work - Phase 1 - Immediate Relief                 Duration 7 to 10 days

  • Two Relief Camps have been set up reaching out to affected 1000 families who are most vulnerable.
  • Safe Child Care Spaces for children are being created in Relief Camps
  • Hygiene kits to women and adolescent girls will be provided
  • Milk foods and other necessary items for children and infants are being made available
  • Dry foods are being distributed to all the inmates of the camps
  • Mosquito nets, potable water and emergency medicines is being provided 
  • Waterproof Tarpaulins and floor mats is being provided.

Phase 2: Long Term Rehabilitation of Cyclone Fani Victims   Duration 1 year 

Following support will be provided during long term rehabilitation:

  • household items and clothing as well as utensils as required by families
  • Support for reconstruction and Repair and/or construction of homes
  • Building livelihoods
  • Supporting families to revive/ set up livelihoods
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Update 13/05/2019:  Our immediate response reached out to 265 FSP families in Dalua village who have lost their petty shops. Food items, tarpaulins, hygiene kits, and education material are some of the relief items that have been distributed to these families. 

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