What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is taking virtual responsibility of an underprivileged child living in SOS Children’s Villages of India. You will play an integral part in the child’s growing up years and would contribute to his/her holistic development. If you sponsor a child at SOS India, you will receive updates like photos, progress reports and translated letters of the child at regular intervals. Your funds will be utilised on aspects like education, health, security and infrastructure.

By sponsoring a child, you give his/her childhood a new start, give them an opportunity to learn, family like care and protection till the time they are settled in life.


Your sponsorship enables us to provide long term care for children who have no one to call their own.

How does child sponsorship work?

SOS Children’s Villages of India has been a strong advocate of the concerns, rights, and needs of parentless and abandoned children in the country for the last five decades. The organisation’s high standards of accountability and transparency are reflected through the clear distribution of funds it receives from its donors, friends and corporate partners. Below given is the breakup of how these funds are used:

35% – Integrated Education Support

28% – Child Family Expenses

19% – Administrative Expenses

18% – Health and Nutrition

What is FSP sponsorship? How is it different from the FBC sponsorship?

All donations towards supporting a family under the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) goes in the pool of corpus fund. While sponsoring a child under the SOS Family Care (SFC) assigns you a specific child, the FSP Sponsorship, on the other hand, assigns you a sponsored family. By sponsoring a family under the FSP, you contribute towards protecting family ties and preventing children from being abandoned or losing parental care. On sponsoring a family under the FSP, you receive updates of your sponsored family and how its members are benefitting from your contribution.

To sponsor a family under FSP, click here: https://www.soschildrensvillages.in/support-a-family

Do I get the liberty to decide which child I want to sponsor? Can I make choices regarding age, sex, location etc.?

At SOS India, each child can be assigned to a maximum of 14 sponsors. Our aim is to ensure all children, irrespective of their age, sex or location, get equal opportunity at being sponsored. Thus, there is a possibility that you may not get to choose the child you want to sponsor, but we try our best to match your preferences with respect to gender, age group and location.

Can I be an exclusive sponsor of a child?

Yes, it is possible for you to be an exclusive sponsor. This is subject to the availability of a child for exclusive sponsorship in our projects.

What can I expect after sponsoring a child at SOS India?

Your sponsorship at SOS India will entitle you to regular updates on the progress of your sponsored child. You will receive greetings, a copy of our Annual Village Report, SOS Messengers and Newsletters, mailers and donation receipts. Additionally, you may also receive surprise gifts as tokens of gratitude based on your donor club entitlement.

When will I receive updates of my sponsored child?

After sponsoring a child at SOS India, you will receive the first detailed progress letter of the child in June/July; the second letter will be sent out at the end of the year. The letter will highlight the well-being of your sponsored child, his/her progress at school and general updates of your child and other children growing up in the children’s village.

Can I communicate and be in touch with my sponsored child via telephone/e-mail?

At SOS India, direct e-mail or telephonic communication with your sponsored child may not be possible, since the National Office deals with all the correspondence. Nevertheless, you can always indirectly be in touch with the sponsored child through e-mail via the National Office.

Can I visit the child or village that I am sponsoring? Is it also possible for me to stay in the village?

At SOS India, you are welcome to visit your sponsored child and the SOS Children’s Village once a year. To do so, we request you to contact the National Office a month prior to your intended visit to fix up a date and time that is mutually convenient. However, residing overnight in the village campus is not permitted.

What should I bring my sponsored child on my visit?

If you wish to gift something to your sponsored child, try and bring small items that can be distributed amongst all brothers and sisters in the sponsored child’s family home, than bringing gifts for only a specific child. These gift items can be pens, balloons, letter pads, coloring pens, toys, stationery items etc.

Can my sponsored child accompany me for an outing outside the village?

At SOS India, children cannot be taken out of the village alone. You may take his/her entire SOS Family for an outing, accompanied by their SOS Mother or an SOS Co-worker; this needs to be done with prior approvals from the National Office or Village Director.

Can I write or send gifts to my sponsored child in the village?

You can send letters, cards and gifts for your sponsored child at our National Office in New Delhi, which would then be handed over to the child. An acknowledgment of your shared item would be sent to you promptly once the gift item is dispatched to the specific village that your sponsored child resides in.

What are the payment methods to sponsor a child?

You can contribute to SOS Children’s Villages and/or sponsor a child through our website using your credit card, cheques, demand drafts or NACH. Cheques and demand drafts should be in favour of ‘SOS Children’s Villages of India’.

How will SOS India acknowledge my contribution?

SOS India acknowledges every contribution through an official receipt, a welcome/thank you letter, which is sent within 10 working days of the donation via e-mail. In case of a child sponsorship donation through NACH, you will receive a sponsored child profile within 10 working days, post receiving the donation. The receipt itself is sufficient to be used for income tax exemption purpose.

Can I give extra money for training/higher education of my sponsored child?

If you wish to give an additional sum of money gifts to be used for further education of a child, you are welcome. It is, however, necessary to discuss the need of extra funds with the National Office well in advance via the respective Zonal Office.

When do the children exit from the care of SOS Children’s Villages?

As per the policy of the organization, children live in an SOS Children’s Village until they have completed their education and can look after themselves. Your sponsored child is not immediately required to leave the SOS Children’s Village as soon as he/she turns 18 year old. However, young people aged between 18-23 are considered independent. It is, however, impossible to fix a specific age of graduating from the SOS Children’s Village because of the child’s personal journey (education, interests, personal developments etc.). Hence, we ensure that the child is looked after, even as an adult, till the time he/she is settled either through employment or marriage.

Do children continue to receive financial support from SOS India after they have exited from the Village?

Upon leaving the care of SOS Children’s Villages, the child’s first employment salary on starting a job does not cover all living costs. In these cases, SOS Children’s Villages of India makes an additional financial contribution to help youth in starting their own independent life.

Can I use debit card to sponsor a child in India?

Yes, You can use a debit card to sponsor a child or donate online. You can also donate through netbanking, credit card, UPI or any of the popular wallets.