Distressed children are not alone, SOS India is protecting them

When we were still planning and strategising, our co-workers at the frontline were already prepared to help keep our children and local communities safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. SOS Children’s Villages of India, a home to nearly 7,000 children, young adults and more than 440 “mothers”, residing in our facilities spread across 21 states & union territories, so far, have successfully kept ourselves protected from the onslaught of the virus. The sense of responsibility which was exemplified by our children & youngsters in maintaining cleanliness, personal hygiene and social distancing, both inside their “family home” as well as in their village campus and adherence to the advisories from their mother & co-workers have helped a lot in keeping the virus out of the four boundaries of our campuses.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of these vulnerable children, we have been taking informed decisions based on updated advisories shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). We have issued relevant advisories and our emergency teams are active and on alert in each location. In addition, we are taking precautionary measures as well. Our youth who are studying in colleges and universities in various cities have also been brought back to SOS homes. We have ensured to minimize the risks to the least levels by restricting movements and outdoor activities of children completely.

During this time of crises SOS India is standing by its vision to ensure that vulnerable children in India didn’t sleep on a hungry stomach, aloof from siblings, without a family and home to call their own!

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