#My3rdChild campaign gives you a chance to break the age old adage of ``Hum Do Hamare Do`` and welcome a 3rd child into your life, a child who is less fortunate than your own. A 3rd child is your little effort to transform a life. It’s the opportunity you give to a child to shine and soar high! Every child wants to be loved and feel secure. By committing yourself to taking care of a child, you will enable him/her a happy and carefree childhood.

Today, we have 20 million parentless and abandoned children in the country with no home or family to call their own. Every child needs care and protection. Yet, sadly, there are many who are denied even this basic blessing. Without any supervision, these children often fall easy prey to abuse, trafficking, and exploitation unless, you do something about it!

#My3rdChild Campaign
A 3rd child is not about having a biological child but about financially supporting an abandoned or parentless child. The real home of your child will be in SOS Children’s Village, where children grow up in a healthy environment and flourish amongst their family and friends.

#My3rdChild is an appeal to the more blessed to make space in their hearts and lend a hand to a child who is waiting for you. And, in doing so, not only will you have a family member thriving at an SOS Children’s Village, but a once parentless or abandoned child who has a family to call his or her own now.