Icelandic woman, Anna’s legacy gift gives a dream home to retired SOS mothers in Hojai

To honour selfless dedication of retiring SOS Mothers, SOS Children’s Village Hojai has inaugurated a new retired Mother’s Home with the support of an Icelandic donor Anna Kristin Ragnarsdottir, and SOS Children’s Village Iceland.

The construction was funded largely by a legacy gift from Anna Kristin Ragnarsdottir, an Icelandic woman who passed away in 2010. She made a will 17 years earlier that stated her assets should be donated to SOS Chlidren´s Villages. SOS Iceland´s donation in Anna´s name to the Hojai building is 70.000 Euros.

SOS Children’s Villages of India

SOS Children’s Villages of India is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization working for the holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families. Founded in 1949 in Austria, SOS Children’s Villages began its operations in India in 1964.

The SOS Children’s Village in Hojai came into picture after the communal violence in Assam in the year 1983. Our aim was to help and support families who were hopeless after the devastation by helping them get back on their feet.

Today, SOS Village Hojai is home to 257 children growing up under the loving care of 17 dedicated mothers, 8 aunts and 1 mother trainee. There are 16 mothers at present retired from this village since inception.

Besides the two unique programs – Family Based Care and Family Strengthening Programme, SOS Children’s Village Hojai has started a new initiative of aftercare support for the elderly.

SOS Children’s Village Hojai – Retired Mothers Home

The SOS Hojai project with the support of SOS Children’s Village International have come up with a model mother’s retired home. The project got support with international donors and funding to construct this magnificent retired home for the retired SOS Mothers.

June 30, 2019 was a blissful day for SOS Children’s Village Hojai as the dream project of Retired Mother’s Home was inaugurated with tremendous joy. On the occasion, Village Director SOS Hojai explained the purpose of building the Retired Mother’s Home and offered his sincere thanks to the donor, SOS Children’s Villages of India and SOS International for their generous support to make this dream project successful.

The retired mother home comprises of total 10 rooms. The home is designed with one bedroom and attached toilet cum bathroom. Fully designed and equipped kitchen along with a porch and a veranda are in front of the house. Apart from this, the rooms have been furnished with Godrej Amirah, single bed with mattress and a sofa set. A set of cooking gas stove and cylinder has also been provided with kitchen utensils. Common dining table, TV room and aqua guard for drinking water. In addition to this, an invertor has also been set up in the home. 

We thank our friends at SOS Iceland for their support and connecting us with selfless donors like Anna Kristin Ragnarsdottir. Anna’s legacy gift is a perfect example of how a contribution can lead to such wonderful projects which have an everlasting impact on the lives of SOS Mothers and children under the care of SOS India.

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