SOS New Curriculum Launch

Development of Preparatory Curriculum to Overcome Educational Barriers of Children

“We are committed to quality education of our children and we keep adapting to their changing needs. Development of specially designed preparatory curriculum will bridge the gap in learning abilities among late entrants into our system” says Anuja Bansal, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages India.
Gone are the days when the organization used to receive little children in the arms of the SOS Mother and cradle them with much joy and happiness. The situation in India is changing; with strict adherence and implementation of adoption law of the country and Adoption Regulations framed by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) has led to children above 6 years being brought home to SOS Children’s Villages.  
Many children who are referred and brought home relatively at an older age come with very little or no formal educational background. Coupled with problems of age-class mismatch, this has affected the educational performance of our newly admitted children.  
Responding to this challenge, a Preparatory Curriculum (PC) was developed with the objective of providing a strong foundation in education to children and to bridge the academic & intellectual gap of the newly admitted children before putting them in to the formal education system. PC is also a suggestive progression for the Village Co-workers to prepare the newly admitted children through a structured learning program to join a school. It will also help the tutors to transact the curriculum effectively and will equip our children for formal schooling. This research-based curriculum, developed under the leadership of Director – Education, provides opportunities to enhance child’s skills, creative expression and cognitive level. It revolves around the “child- centered” pedagogy, giving primacy to children’s experiences and to enable joyful learning.

The PC is class-specific from grade I to V. A curriculum kit consists of a set of student worksheets and colorful and child friendly workbooks for happy learning. As a part of the curriculum, a Teacher’s Manual (TM) has also been prepared which has lesson plans for all subjects, dos and don’ts for the execution of curriculum and a time table to follow it. Definite learning outcomes have been mentioned for each day which has to be achieved at the end of the plan. Revision and practice, assessment sheets and teaching aids like flash cards, CDs, crayons, clay packs etc. have also been included as a part of the complete kit.
As a part of rolling out process of the Preparatory Curriculum, SOS Children’s Villages of India has conducted two batches of trainings to a total of 32 Education Co-workers in April and May, 2017 and another two batches of trainings are planned to be organized for 30 Education Co-workers. With these trainings all the SOS Children’s Villages of India will have a trained person to handle proper implementation of the PC. A monitoring & reporting mechanism to follow up the implementation is also ready and will help in ensuring effective implementation.  
Praveen Kumar, a Senior Coworker- Education from SOS CV Hyderabad who has undergone this training said, “I am happy to have received this training as I am better equipped now to address the challenges of children who have never received any or negligible formal education in the past. This gives us a clear road map on how to proceed and that will benefit our children immensely.”
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