Caterpillar Foundation supports SOS India

Caterpillar Foundation has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages of India through ‘Program Arise’ where 1100 underprivileged children from vulnerable families in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Maharashtra will be supported for a period of three years.

The key objective of this program is ‘Ensuring education of disadvantaged children by enabling their families’ which is achieved by a two-pronged approach where on the one hand SOS India ensures that the target children get access to education by facilitating and financially supporting education and other basic amenities for the children and on the other hand enables the parent/caregiver to become financially secure and self-reliant by livelihood enhancement, thereby becoming capable of supporting the target children themselves. The issues being addressed by the program include – school drop-outs, child labor, financial insecurity hence vicious cycle of poverty, lack of awareness and capacity to become self-reliant.



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