Propagation of Science Education amongst children of SOS India

On 22nd August, to create an interest among the children towards Science and strengthen their science concepts in an easy and effective manner an online Science Demonstration was conducted. The main objective of this zoom discussion was the Propagation of Science (Physics) Education amongst children/youth of SOS Children’s Villages of India.

This one hour online session was a wonderful engaging and joyful live demonstration on a very relevant Science topic “Magnetism” organized for the children, youth and academic co-workers of SOS Villages of India.

With 100 logins across PAN India, through this invigorating session our children and youth got an opportunity to understand some very difficult concepts in a very simplified manner. The activities shown on topics like “Directive Properties of Magnetism”, “Induced Magnetism”, “Molecular Magnetism”, “Electromagnetism “Lenz’s law” were explained in an easily comprehensible, highly relatable and captivating manner.

Post the session there were group discussions and demonstration by children of higher classes to their younger siblings. Some children also posted new questions for finding answers and few tried replying to the question thrown to them for their exploration. So overall it has initiated the act of steering the young mind to start thinking the scientific way.

First Online Science Demonstration was conducted by Shri Samar Bagchi, Former Head of five science museums of Eastern India under National Council of Science Museums and a National Award Winner for popularizing science through the media.

These simple activities demonstrated online would definitely accelerated and propagated a keener interest towards science among our children and youth. This workshop has contributed to a very large extent in realizing the fact that “Science is beyond the textbooks.”

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