SOS Children's Village

SOS Children's Village Pune

  • Established In: 1979
  • No. of Children: 100
  • No. of Homes: 10
  • Total FSP Beneficiaries: 369

Situated in Maharashtra, Pune is one of largest cities in India. The city has always been rich in culture and is one of the very few places that still contains within the old, warm charm of the world. The growth in Pune has been rapid over the years, especially in the sectors of telecommunication, medicine and education.

The last couple of years have witnessed a large number of people who migrated from rural areas to the city of Pune in search of better and more livelihood opportunities. With its flourishing IT and automobile industries, the town has been successful to a great extent in improving the standard of living for many, but there still exists a large number of people who live under Urban Poverty. Such people are mostly found living in slums under poor, unhygienic conditions; this has led to increased malnutrition and sickness in children. Children are not exposed to any kind of education and end up helping their parents to earn a little extra income by getting involved in activities like shoe shining, selling goods, beggary etc.


The SOS Children’s Village is an International NGO in Pune, Maharashtra, which was established in 1979 and it has been since then that it is nurturing many parentless and abandoned children. The SOS Children’s Village comprises of Family Homes which are headed by SOS Mothers; children live under the care of these mothers and are also looked after by SOS Aunts.

SOS Children’s Villages of India function around its two flagship programmes, Family Based Care (FBC) and Family Strengthening Programme (FSP). At present, our facility in Pune has under its care 100 children.

Our aim is to ensure that no child grows up alone and is nurtured in a loving environment. All measures are taken to help the child integrate with the new environment. All festivals of national and international importance are celebrated with zest in the village; this helps children bond in a better manner with his/her SOS family members.


At present, the total number of youth at our village in Pune is 110. All of our youth are either attending colleges or are on the verge of completing their schooling. Besides academia, vocational training is also given to those who aspire to take up professional courses in future.

Various training programmes and workshops are organized in our premises from time to time, wherein children are imparted knowledge about Leadership Skills, English Communication, Career Development, Computer Training etc. In 2016, a ten day Theatre workshop was held in the village with the help of an external source, where children were given an opportunity to get familiar with the field and get acquainted.
Our youth in Pune have always performed competently and have managed to maintain their academic records well.


The Family Strengthening Programme in Pune was initiated in order to empower families who could not survive on their own and needed external support. At present, FSP in Pune has under its care 464 beneficiaries. Besides providing monetary aid, our NGO in Pune believes in the concept of capacity building and works towards the same.

Various skill development programmes are organized for people under our FSP, wherein they are exposed to the many ways by which they can earn a livelihood for their family; Entrepreneurship Skill Training is also given to caregivers. Various Awareness Programmes are organized for families, where topics like Children’s Rights, Sex Education, Female Foeticide, Importance of good parenting etc. are talked upon. Children who come from such families are given education and are motivated to become responsible citizens.

Another way by which families under the FSP are supported is through Self-Help Groups. It is a concept where families coming from the same socio-economic background work towards resolving common problems through mutual help.

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