Adhi a 12 year old girl who lost everything including her parents in tsunami. Read how your contributions are shaping her today and future

The devastating tsunami that hit the southern coast of India in 2004 destroyed many lives. Adhi was also one of them. She lost her home, school, belongings and most importantly her parents. The deadly waves left her alone with her three sisters amidst horrific ruins. “It was scary, there was water everywhere and we had no place to go,”Adhi sadly remembers. She was just 12 and was afraid as any little girl would be in this big world.

The children were brought to a safe tent by the district administration and were then referred to SOS Children’s Village Pondicherry. SOS mother Padma was overjoyed to receive Adhi and her three sisters. “The girls were in a state of shock and fear. Adhi was so scared that she would not step out of the house after dark. It took months of care and counseling to bring her to normalcy,” mother Padma says.

Adhi was enrolled in a nearby school. SOS mother Padma ensured to drop and pick her up as it was important that the child felt protected. She did not leave Adhi alone and was always with her. Even in the evenings when she went out to play mother Padma would accompany her and wait till she had finished. The tragedy had a terrible effect on her and she needed constant support to come out of it.

In the evenings mother Padma would sit with all the children and share their day’s happening. During that time she encouraged Adhi to speak and also made her interact with other children. She also found her interest area which was painting and got her colours and canvas. This really helped Adhi as she would paint all her emotions and slowly started opening up. She also began showing good results in school. She secured 80% marks in class X board examination and passed class XII in first division. “Thanks to mother Padma, nothing is visible of the terrible past now,” says Aunt Mita, a SOS co-worker.

Are you wondering what Adhi is doing today?

She is pursuing Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She has a busy routine. She wakes up early in the morning, helps her mother in preparing breakfast, packs her tiffin and gets ready for the classes. She makes it a point to hug her mother before leaving for college. She loves eating rice, dal and curd for lunch and then takes a power nap. In the evenings after finishing studies, she spends most of her free time doing painting. She also helps her younger brothers and sisters in their homework.

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