Anadi was few days old when she was brought to SOS Children’s Village Bhimtal. She was placed under the care of SOS Mother Anita Johari and later under the care of SOS Mother Indu Joshi, who raised the little girl with love and care. Anadi did her schooling from SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Bhimtal and was always amongst the highest scorers in her class. She secured a 10 CGPA in class 10th Board Examinations and was later selected in the United World College Red Cross Nordic, Norway! This was a very proud moment for Anadi’s SOS family, especially her mother. Anadi returned to India to pursue her graduation and performed well throughout.

Anadi was always a hard-working girl. While growing up, she based everything on a simple three word mantra that helped her get through every obstacle with ease. This mantra, as she calls it, was AnaGoWo. Here, ‘Ana’ stands for Analyze, ‘Go’ is the push to Go and ‘Wo’ means to simply work for your set goals.

Apart from academics, Anadi was also actively involved in Youth Empowerment Programmes. She was selected as a member of the International Youth Coalition in Innsbruck, Austria, which taught her ways to be an active agent of youth reform and lobby for change on international and national levels. She represented the voices of 20 young people from 10 SOS Children’s Villages countries, who again represented the 300 young people who raised their issues in the development process of the global 2030 strategy. Under this programme, she was awarded the Best Youth Agent Award 2016 for being the most active and committed member of the International Youth Coalition. Furthermore, she was also involved in strengthening youth participation structures in SOS India, supporting the set up and organisation of youth representatives and youth programmes.

She recalls and says, “The kind of support and trust I received from my Village Director Uncle increased my confidence and bravery to aim high. I am very happy to be a part of the big SOS India family. As I started my roller coaster journey, there was a lot of fear but in the end, all I’m left with is thrill, knowledge and a mind-blowing experience to share.”

Currently, she is pursuing her masters in Biochemistry from Padmashree Institute of Management and Science, Bengaluru. Her goal is to work in research laboratories and definitely sponsor a child at SOS Children’s Villages of India one day!

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