Esha was brought to SOS Children’s Village Greenfields at the age of five. She was placed in Family Home Amart Jyoti and was warmly welcomed by her SOS Mother Chandra and siblings. Before coming to the Village, for Esha, parenthood meant two people who cared for their child but after coming to SOS India, she realised how parenthood only meant having that one guardian who could nurture the child with unconditional love and care.

She says, “Parenthood for me now equals to my SOS Mother Chandra. I believe that a key part of parenthood is not only having a child but also standing by him/her through every thick and thin. I feel blessed to have a mother, who guided me through every turn in my life. I still remember how my world revolved only around my friends when I was in class 9. My friend circle included many girls who were never serious about either their studies or their family. On getting our results that year, I was shocked to see how most of my friends were detained while I was promoted to class 10. Unfortunately, even this wasn’t enough for me to understand that this wasn’t right for me. I still hung out with them without realising that their company had a negative impact on me. At this time, my mother sat me down like a friend and told me to understand how crucial this time was for me. Today, when I see those friends, I see instability. They continued to fail in school and are still clueless about their future. While I agree that my mother was a litte on the stricter side, but had it not been for her, I would have lost direction in life.”

Esha is a free-spirited girl who likes to live her life in a liberal fashion. From being able to choose what to wear to opting for the stream of her choice in school, she has been raised in a way that she always wanted to. For this, she feels lucky to have found a friend in her mother. She is a responsible girl, who helps her mother with household chores and siblings with studies in her free time. Consistently hardworking, she performs well in her class and scores good marks in her yearly examinations.

While Esha is a girl with many talents, she is most passionate about writing. She has been composing Hindi poems since she was in class 3 and still likes to spend her weekend doing the same. Acknowledging her calibre, her mother encouraged Esha to write more and more in order to stay in touch with writing. It is a matter of great pride for Esha, her family and SOS Children’s Villages of India that she has now successfully published a book of poems called Mann ki Baat, meaning thoughts of the heart.

Esha says, “My mother is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Everything that I am today is because of her. I attribute my successful life to her and can never thank her enough for all the love and care that she’s raised me with.”

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