Harjot Kaur came to SOS Children’s Village Rajpura when she was five years old. Today, little Harjot has grown into a young woman of 17. Harjot and her brother saw their parent’s getting divorced at a very young age. After the divorce, the custody of the siblings was given to the father but he found it difficult to look after the two kids. They were then placed into the SOS India Family, that welcomed both of them with open arms. Harjot is a bubbly girl who was social and friendly right from her childhood and was able to adjust easily in her new family.

She was admitted in Jasper School, where her skills were honed and she was able to perform at the best of her abilities. She is a talented girl who not only does well academically but also showcases her flair on stage through singing and dancing. She made her mother and siblings proud by scoring a CGPA of 8 in class 10th. Later, she changed her school for better prospects and went to Scholars Public School. Once again, she shined like a star by scoring 85% in class 11th.

Harjot is a confident girl, who is full of dreams for her future. She is smart and has planned in advance about what she wants to do in life. She aspires to graduate with a B.Com (Bachelors in Commerce) degree, appear for CAT (Common Admission Test) and get admitted into a top IIM Institute for her MBA (Masters in Business Administration). After completing her studies, she aims to work abroad and settle there.

Harjot is a responsible girl. She is a young and smart woman, who not only does well in her studies but in all spheres of her life. With her SOS Family looking after her at every step and supporting all her dreams, Harjot shows clarity in her vision of the future and all capabilities for living her dream life. Everyone in the SOS India is proud of her journey so far and gives all the luck and best wishes for her future endeavors.

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