Before coming to SOS Children’s Villages of India, Manish was not just abandoned but was brutally thrown in a field of sugarcane at the darkest hour of night, where his foot was eaten by a wild animal and was damaged severely. He was dropped by someone at the SOS Children’s Village Varanasi and ever since he is a part of the SOS Family. The local police was informed to file a missing report of the child, but all attempts failed when no one turned up after endless days of waiting.

Manish’s struggle to treat his foot continued for many years, where he travelled incessantly from Varanasi to Bombay to get the best treatment. During this period, he could not study at all for two years but resumed after coming back from Bombay. It was in 2016 that he was operated and finally got rid of his defect.

After the successful surgery, Manish was welcomed home and was looked after by his SOS mother and all co-workers at the village. Since he was now cured, he wanted to resume his studies and was admitted in class V. He did not take any tuition and was only guided by his SOS mother and the father (Village Director) to cope with studies. His determination and consistent efforts to perform well helped him secure 95% marks in class V. He also received an achievers certificate by the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Varanasi.

Today, Manish is a happy 13 year old boy who has won over all his challenges and set an example for many others. He now not only excels in academics but also participates in various sports. He actively takes part in all games and activities organized by the village; recently, Manish participated in a cricket match and performed brilliantly. It was after a gap of two years that everyone saw him running and enjoying with other children. He is now a confident boy who does not scare away from trying new things in life.

Manish’s struggle helped him understand the value of life better. He now cherishes every day and looks forward to only making the best of everything.

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