Neharika came to SOS Children’s Village Guwahati in 2003, when she was only five days old. She was placed under the care of SOS Mother Lavanya Devi, who welcomed the little girl with immense love, warmth and joy!

Neharika was always good at art. While she spent most of her idle time doodling and sketching, she also liked to participate in sports like Basketball. Vibrant and positive, she was adored by everyone in the Village. Neharika’s mother, Ms. Devi, retired after spending many years with her. Even though she misses her mother every now and then, she easily adjusted with her new caregiver at the Village. From discussing her career options to sharing her day-to-day school activities, Neharika shares a very close bond to her mother! She is a sincere and disciplined girl and believes in putting her heart and soul into whatever she does; be it helping her siblings with studies or mother with household chores, she likes to do everything with perfection.

Neharika says, “I love the way my life is going. I have no regrets, no worries and no problems! I am fortunate to have so many people who care for me and guide me whenever I feel lost. I often find it very hard to trust people and share my secrets with them. However, I am so glad that I could open up to my mother and aunt, who understood me in the best possible way. I love to draw and paint, and that too especially with oil pastels. I also like to help my younger siblings with their artwork and homework. My favourite subjects are Math and Science. I want to become an engineer. What I am not very good at is dancing and cooking. But, I am confident that I will learn both and master it in my vacations.”


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At present, Neharika is in class 8th and performs well in school. She manages to win at least five awards in art competitions every year. Besides this, she is also an up and coming sports star in her school. Winning medals and laurels in Kho-Kho, Relay Race, Dodge Ball, Basketball, Mime and Poster Making competitions, she is surely a multi-talented girl.

Keep it up, Neharika. SOS India is very proud of you!

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