Pavan came to SOS Children’s Village Rourkela in 1999, when Odisha was hit by a devastating cyclone and caused a havoc in the state. Having lost his house and family, the boy had no one to look after. After coming to SOS Village Rourkela, not only did he get a shelter but also a second chance at a happy childhood.

While his SOS Mother welcomed him in her family, his siblings celebrated his first day in the Village. It took little Pavan no time to adjust with his new family and soon, he felt like belonged there since forever. Even though he was mingling well with his peers, there was always an unusual silence that surrounded the boy. While he did have many good days with his family, there were days when he remained scared and sad because of his traumatic memories. He found it extremely difficult to share what he felt with anyone and remained mum about it most of the time. It took time, but he got better over several years.

Pavan was good at studies and also liked to participate in extra-curricular activities at school. After completing his schooling, he opted for a diploma course in Plastic Mould Technology from Bhubaneswar. With his dedication and sincerity, he scored excellent marks in his final examination and successfully concluded the course.

Today, Pavan is working in a private company as a technician. He is self-sufficient and like his work.

SOS India is very proud of him!

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