Sahana came to SOS Children’s Village Bawana in 2006 when she was only six years old. She was put under the care of SOS Mother, Rampiyari Pal in house no. 6. Sahana was always a very naughty girl, which was also good because it helped her adjust soon. She was enrolled in a regular school along with other children from the village of her age. Going to school was always joyful for little Sahana. From buying books and a school bag to buying her school uniform, her excitement remained consistent. Attending school was always her dream. As time passed, Sahana started participating in various sports and cultural activities including drawing, dance and singing competitions.

Through her active participation in sports, it was noticed that the girl had potential and performed extra ordinarily in the game of Hockey. She was always motivated by her sports teacher to take up her passion more seriously and perform better. She gradually began to get more involved in the game and started taking part in inter house competitions at the school level. From competing in the inter house competitions to excelling at the inter school, district and zonal level, Sahana’s achievement record only got better with time. The little girl never believed in any kind of special coaching or training to get better in the game but rather believed in her own will power to achieve her goal. She was determined, focused and very consistent with her practice routines.

Even though a self-made girl, her confidence sometimes deterred because of her socio-economic background. She feared how players from strong financial backgrounds would always have an edge over her, when it comes to getting selected for big, reputed tournaments. Quite often, her belief in herself was taken over by the fear that people with social and political approach get things done easy and their way.

Sahana’s insecurities and inhibitions were addressed when her SOS mother and other seniors in the village got aware of them. She was counselled by the village counsellor didi about how it is only one’s talent that matters and nothing else to prove one’s worth. She was assured by her SOS Family members how her perseverance is enough to fight against her competitors and win over all her challenges. Sahana was relieved to have shared her problem with her SOS family members and ever since, she has only been moving forward on the ladder of success.

Her dream was finally realized in December 2016, when she was selected to represent the Delhi Hockey Team at the state level; the team secured the first position and received a gold medal for the same. Around the same time, Sahana also participated in the National Hockey team under 17.

Sahana always feels grateful to be part of the SOS Family. She regards the support of her SOS mother and other family members her backbone and believes that whatever she is today, it is because of SOS India, for which she is eternally thankful.

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