Sandeep was six years old when he came to SOS Children’s Village Varanasi. The little boy had no one to look after him and had recently lost his mother and brother to poverty. By the time he came to SOS India, his health had deteriorated and he was malnourished. In addition, the boy was also facing trouble with his ENT (ear-nose-throat). On coming to SOS Children’s Villages Varanasi, Sandeep was placed under the care of SOS Mother Suman Singh. She was very happy to have gotten Sandeep as his son and always loved him since day one.

In the initial days of Sandeep trying to adjust well with his surrounding at the village, it was noticed that the boy could not hear properly because of an infection in both of his ears; his ears were operated without any delay. Further, he was also suffering from Epilepsy and is now being treated for the same by a Neurologist.

Despite all the health problems that the little boy faced, he was always seen to be cheerful and happy. He is adored by everyone in the village and is nurtured with love and care.

Sandeep was always sincere with his studies and worked hard. But, unfortunately he could not understand concepts and grasp new things as easily as his peers could do. Just like his SOS family, everyone else at the village motivated and helped him to do better not only in academics but also in his life.

He is now 17 years old and lives in the youth house in the village. He is growing up as a responsible human being and has shown significant improvement in his day to day activities. He makes sure to actively take part in all activities of the youth house. From taking charge of cleaning, maintaining food menu and groceries to helping the cook in the kitchen, Sandeep is one of the most disciplined young boys at SOS Children’s Villages Varanasi. In addition, he also practices in cleanliness activities and keeps his surrounding/belongings tidy.

Sandeep’s transformation is a reflection of the dedicated efforts of the SOS Mothers, Aunts and Co-workers. Today, he has also improved in academics and lives a happy life.

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