Sudhir came to SOS Children’s Village Alibaug with his sister Varsha in 2014. When they came, Sudhir was nine years old and his sister was 13. Before coming to SOS India, the two children were looked after by their aunt since their mother had passed away and their father had abandoned them.

Sudhir, a boy who should have been studying and playing was instead always involved in household work. As a result, he was also irregular in school. When he came to the village, it was a whole new world for him. At that point, he was old enough to be admitted in a school but it was not easy. Fortunately, Sudhir had a sharp mind and was able to cope with studies with the help of his SOS Mother, teachers and peers. Today, the boy loves to go to school and scores better than most of his class mates; he also ensures to never miss any class.

Initially when Sudhir came to SOS Village Alibaug, he had issues with his anger and could not manage it well when he was around people. He was an introvert, who always liked the company of his own and did not like to converse with people. Gradually, with the help of his SOS mother and siblings, Sudhir started to step out of his shell and eventually, he started shining like a star. He now plays with other children of his age, interacts with his peers and is adored by everyone around. In addition, he is also doing well in academics as well as sports. In fact, he is one of the best football players of SOS Village Alibaug.

His mother puts in her best to make sure he balances well between sports and academics. She takes efforts to install the right values in him, to make him a better person.

The boy who once came as a scared and a shy boy, today lives a happy and healthy life with his SOS Family. SOS India is proud of Sudhir and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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