Urvashi was born in a nursing home in New Delhi. She was unassisted and was left alone after her birth. She came to SOS Children’s Village Bawana when she was just 11 days old. She was wrapped in cotton and her health showed severe signs of malnutrition. She was also under weight for her age and needed immediate medical attention. After consulting with several doctors, her survival seemed bleak. As suggested, the next seven days were very crucial for her. If she could survive this week, there were then chances of her surviving in the future.

Even though it was a big challenge to keep up with Urvashi’s health, her SOS Mother, Krishna Chaurasiya was certain that she could do it. Making sure that she was there by Urvashi’s side all day, she catered to all of her needs with utmost care. Urvashi was nurtured with love and affection not only by her mother but also by the co-workers in the village. As days went by, signs of improvement were seen in the little girl’s health. It was in no time that Urvashi recovered fully and got another chance to live.

When Urvashi grew up, she was enrolled in Sachdeva Public School, Rohini, New Delhi. Today, she is a happy 12 year old girl who is not only performing brilliantly in academics but also in co-curricular activities. Urvashi always had an inclination towards skating; she participated in various skating competitions at the Zonal Level and won laurels. Her sports teacher was always very impressed with Urvashi’s performance. As a result, her teacher decided to try and train Urvashi in Yoga. Urvashi’s training in Yoga was mid-way when Urvashi began to participate in Yoga competitions. Be it inter school or inter zone, Urvashi managed to bag the first position everywhere. She is now regarded as the “Yoga Girl” and is admired by many in her school.

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