Varsha was brought to SOS Children’s Village Alibaug along with her biological brother Sudhir on June 20th, 2014 at the age of 11. She was physically disabled due to which she could not move her right hand. Before coming to SOS India, she lived within a tribal community which was nothing like an SOS Family. Because this was all very new for the little girl to absorb, it took her time to cope with changes around her. Initially, she was shy and mostly remained quiet; she seldom interacted with anyone. She even hesitated to participate in the village activities with her SOS mother and siblings.

Varsha was placed under the loving care of SOS Mother, Sunanda Gawda, who from the beginning helped the girl feel at home. Sunanda showered upon her all the love and affection, which motivated her to start interacting with her siblings and become more confident. She was constantly counseled and encouraged to attend her preparatory classes by her family and other village members. With the dedicated, endless efforts of her SOS mother and teachers, Varsha slowly started to show improvement by mingling with the children in her family home. She soon became friends with girls of her own age. She also showed tremendous development in her preparatory classes and within no time, she was ready to be admitted to a formal school.

Varsha was enrolled in a Marathi medium school in Alibaug. Despite her disability, she was a quick learner and easily grasped the art of reading and writing; she also showed great results with learning alphabets and numbers too. Although, her disability did make it difficult for her to perform as well as her classmates, but her hard work and strong will always helped her in moving forward. Her mother and teachers are certain that she would soon be able to match up to the level of her peers in class and make everyone proud by performing brilliantly in all her future endeavors.

Today, the girl who was once deprived of love and care is now growing within the warmth of SOS Family. Studying in class 9, she is a confident girl adored by all her peers. SOS India is very proud of her and wishes her all the best!

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