Years ago, Vikranth, a two-year old toddler stepped in with his little, tender feet in SOS Children’s Village Bangalore. SOS mother, Girijamma, took the little one into her family and welcomed him with abundant warmth.

Vikranth grew up to be a helpful, caring and well-behaved boy under the love, and affection of his SOS mother. His mother recollects, ‘Right from the beginning, Vikranth was a very intelligent child and grasped everything very quickly. I always knew he will do well in whatever he lays his hands on.’

She further adds, ‘Then came the time for my brilliant boy to move into the Youth house. He was initially nervous, as he did not want to leave his SOS family. But I encouraged him to live with the other boys, as they were also just like his brothers and friends and that living with them would help him understand his own strengths and weaknesses better.’

Vikranth was always very compassionate with his peers in the Youth House. He always actively helped children in their academics and other various chores. After his schooling, Vikranth did his Bachelor’s in Commerce, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing. Not only was he a star performer in academics, he was also fond of playing Cricket. To add to his achievements, he also played the Under-18 Category Match held in Malaysia and made all of us proud!

Today, he is 25 year old boy and is working as an Assistant Manager at a reputed Multinational Company (MNC). His SOS Mother, Girijamma, has now retired. Vikranth, along with his younger brother Vikram takes good care of his mother and ensures that she is leading a healthy and, happy life.

He considers coming to SOS Village Bangalore his greatest blessing for having given him the opportunity to grow up within a loving family. He is immensely thankful to his SOS Mother to have guided him throughout his life and for encouring him to soar high.

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