Wanpynhun belongs to Thadlaskein, house number four in SOS Children’s Village Shillong. Growing up at the Village convinced her that the love received by children within the Village exceeds that of those who are not part of SOS India. A peaceful, safe environment with good food is the necessity of every child and she believes that she has received the same in bounty from the moment she set foot in the SOS Village Shillong.

She has built strong bonds of love and trust with her siblings in the Village over several years. Wanpynhun marvels that she does not feel like any other girl but special when she is with her mother and other family members. Like any other family, her family too has squabbles and disagreements, but she feels happy to see how everyone works towards resolving them in order to feel at peace every night before going to bed; this is the most valuable thing she’s learnt from her SOS mother.

She says, “No matter how much I grow up, my mother will always take care of me like she would do for a little baby. She makes all her children feel important. I can never put in words the kind of bond I share with my mother, it can only be felt by me and by her! She has been my constant pillar of strength. Our relationship works on mutual understanding, which is why I also try to be there for her just the way she is there for me every time. I can be completely honest with her and for me, that is the greatest blessing of all time!”

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