Youth Engagement

EQUIPPING young people with the skills and confidence to support them walk the path of independence is the focus of Youth Engagement and Empowerment.

We provide individualized support in preparing young people for higher education, job market or self-employment. We seek to invest into young people’s capabilities to develop future societies which are sustainable, informed and comprise of responsible parents.

Disadvantaged Youth Skilling Programme

IT IS estimated that 92% of Indian workforce is operational in informal economy (India Labor Market Update, ILO Country Office for India, July 2016), in other words, their rights to decent life and work is denied. At the core of this vicious cycle is the poverty and inequality. To address this, we empower youth with skills and prepare them for employability. In partnership with corporate donors and over 30 certified, credible, government affiliated training institutes, we have enabled 665 young men and 531 young women gain employability skills of their interests. Extensive counselling sessions addressed participants’ apprehensions related to choice of skilling programme, duration, safety and job opportunities post training. In addition, 64 young people were supported for higher education & professional courses

Care-leavers: Path Towards Self Reliance

With guidance from their SOS caregiver, the young person actively engages in the leaving care process. In 2019-2020, more than 3,767 young people were supported towards their path to independence. IT IS important to understand one’s skills, abilities and aspirations. To this effect, a series of activities help young people clearly see a pathway to future. The multiple intelligence, multiple nature (MIMN) programme was conducted for 317 young boys and girls this year, measuring their aptitude and interests. Followed by it, the Career Guidance and Higher Education Admission Assistance Programme benefitted them in choosing a career and suitable academic path. 75 youth (60% girls) benefited from E-Age an English Learning programme designed for care leavers for better employability. And through Positive Youth Development Programme, we helped these young people built emotional intelligence and resilience to cope with difficult circumstances in life.