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Where will your money be utilized?

  • 45%- Child Family Expense
  • 30%- Integrated Education Support
  • 15%- Health and Nutrition
  • 10%- Administrative Expense

Laxmi's life was changed when she was sponsored

Know How

Lakshmi was just 6 years old when her parents died of severe illness. The little girl was left alone with her elder brother and younger sister. They were moved to their relatives house where they were badly treated.

As a result Lakshmi’s elder brother ran away. Lakshmi took her younger sister and started living on the street. “I would do any kind of labour to feed myself and my sister. There were times when I even begged for food,” Lakshmi remembers with tears in her eyes.

When Laxmi’s aunt found out their situtaion, she decided to send them to SOS Children’s Village Tirupati for better care.

“I was scared at the idea of going and living in a new place but Aunty assured us that it is the best place for needy children,” said Lakshmi.

Her first day at SOS India

SOS Mother welcomed Lakshmi and her sister warmly. She introduced them to their SOS brothers and sisters. The children were happy to see a clean room with bed and some toys. Lakshmi was cheerful and wanted to play with her toys. She innocently told her SOS Mother, “I am holding a toy for the first time in my life.” Since Lakshmi had never been to school, she was given some extra coaching before she could begin formal school.

Her life at SOS India

Today, she's regular in her school. Dancing and Singing are her favorite hobbies. She loves eating rice and lentil for lunch. In the evenings, one can see her playing badminton with her friends. Whenever she gets time she helps her SOS Mother in household chores and supports her younger siblings by getting them ready for school.

Contribution from generous donors like you gave Lakshmi a second opportunity to live in a loving family.