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Not every child is lucky to have a home. India alone has 20 million children without adequate parental care. We need your support to help the abandoned and parentless children. Your sponsorship enables us to care for and educate them.

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Having established 440 homes in 32 SOS Villages in India in the last 52 years, we are one of the largest self-implementing NGOs in the country, providing for over 25,000 children currently. We are the first child care NGO to get a CRISIL accreditation and are privileged to lead the world’s largest child care movement.


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Sponsor a child with INR 990/month

For an abandoned or a parentless child, a sponsorship of INR 990 per month can make a world of difference. Yes, that’s all you need to donate to help a child get a loving home. In other words, a meaningful existence.

At SOS India, we create Villages with homes like the ones we grew up in. Not orphanages or destitute centres but real homes where there is a mother and a close-knit family of siblings. We want children not only to survive, but thrive. To survive one only needs food but to thrive one needs the love of a family.

Our mission is to rescue childhood and with your support we provide these children with -


A Loving Home

Complete Education

Health & Nutrition

Food and Daily Needs

As a sponsor you will be entitled to:   

- Progress report of your sponsored child twice a year
- SOS Newsletter, SOS Messenger, which updates you about everything new happening at our end
- A photograph of your sponsored child along with a detailed report on the developments taking place at the SOS Children’s Village where your sponsored child lives
- Access to a first-of-its-kind online donor support facility that empowers you to monitor the progress of your sponsored child. So, you can be an active partner in his/her progress and development. You can even raise queries, if any, and we will attend to them promptly

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