It is widely understood that a stable, nurturing and safe environment lays the foundation for a child's wholesome development. Unfortunately, not every child has this advantage. Without the stability of a family, a child faces an increased risk of malnutrition, violence, exploitation and other life-threatening circumstances / social evils. A child's wholesome development is best realised in a caring and loving family. This makes the departure point for our Family Like Care model. This programme features personalised, individual quality care provided by a trained caregiver (SOS Mother). The four pillars of this programme include: home, Mother, siblings and the Village, emphasis, thereby, being on stronger socioemotional relationships with a stable caregiver (SOS Mother), family and community

  • 956 Youth acquired new talents for a better future
  • 237 youth were settled with gainful employment in 2022-23
  • INR 20,244 was the average monthly salary of first-time employed youth