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At SOS Children’s Villages India, we not only provide abandoned and parentless children a loving home but also ensure that they receive proper education, especially since education is a vital component for empowering children. It is important that children become capable, contributing members of society, which is why all our efforts are directed towards helping them realise their highest potential in this competitive world.

Equipping young minds

School Readiness

Child education in India is an important subject, especially since India has a rich dempgraphic dividend that can serve the country well. Being an NGO that holds child education paramount, children of different ages and learning levels are welcomed and prepared for formal schooling, enabling them to learn at their own pace, as per their age and learning levels. This inspires joyful learning in an engaging environment. The progress of children is also tracked every six months, ensuring sustained growth in academic and non-academics, and, thereby, wholesoem child development.

Mitigating learning level gaps

Children, who come to SOS Children’s Villages India, have diverse and complex social and emotional histories. Empowering children requires consistent investments and sustained efforts in order to build skills (academic and non-academic). Children needing additional attention are identified, including those appearing for Board Exams. Adopting NCERT guidelines for age-appropriate learning levels, under the National curriculum framework, requires structured attention to be extended. Academic Mentors and Coworkers prepare age and grade appropriate learning plans that are reviewed every month and at the end of every quarter. These included worksheets, assignments and question papers. E12

Digital reading and learning

NGOs working for the cause of children, especially child education NGOs, understand the emergence of digital learning in today’s time and age, which is also why children at SOS India enjoy learning digitally and also via hybrid means, early on. The digital library has a vast collection of books ranging from Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary, Sr. Secondary to University level. Each Family home in a Children’s Village is equipped with a basic computer system, which children use one by one, at leisure. Besides academic books, a number of motivational series, Autobiographies and Britannica series are also made available. The volume of books has increased to more than 8,500 and more. The usage of these books has also seen a an app. 90% increase. Data of usage is collated at the backend, in order to help understand usage and performance of a particular resource. Efforts are being made currently to improve the user-interface experience.

Computer Literacy and Communication Skills

In today’s world, and not only specific to educate a child in India, English speaking is important. A focused programme has been introduced – EnglishHelper and LIQVID in Children’s Villages. A large number of students, who participated in pre- and post-assessments, showed improvements in their scores. 100% students showed improvement in spoken and written English. Similarly, children were enrolled for computer literacy with NIIT, which offeres courses in Computer Programming (Basic and Advanced levels). Mid-term assessments demonstrated good scores by children.