Family Like Care

It is widely understood that a stable, nurturing environment lays the foundation for a child’s healthy development. Unfortunately, not every child has this advantage. Without the stability of a family, a child faces an increased risk of violence, exploitation and other life-threatening circumstances. A CHILD’S holistic development is best realised in a caring family. It makes the departure point for our Family Like Care model. It features personalised, individual quality care provided by a trained caregiver (SOS mother). Children in an SOS Village are raised with all the inputs needed for their safety, development, participation and path to independence. But most importantly, the key feature in our model is the stronger socio-emotional relationship with a stable caregiver (SOS mother). It affords children sufficient stimulation. The lasting bond between them contributes for better physical and mental development outcomes for children.

SOS Home

When at home, children enjoy a real sense of belonging under the care and protection of a trained SOS mother

SOS Mother

SOS mother builds a close nurturing relationship with every child entrusted to her, and provides love, stability and security.

SOS Brother & Sister

Children of different ages live together in one house as friendly siblings and form part of a big SOS Family.

SOS Villages

SOS Families form a supportive Village environment where children enjoy happy childhood, healthcare and education.

Love unstoppable

RUMI is a loving mother of six children in SOS Children’s Village Srinagar. Known for her culinary skills, she makes the best Kashmiri Wazwan on every special occasion. She is strong, independent and determined. All of these qualities were put to test one fine day. Last year, one day early morning, she with her daughter Samrina were walking to school to make it on time for Samrina’s exams. On their way they noticed that the roads were deserted and only CRPF troops were around. They couldn’t understand what was going on. Just before reaching the school, stone pelting began; one of which unfortunately hit Rumi. Her face began to bleed and Samrina panicked. Rumi maintained the composure and dropped Samrina safely to school. Later, Rumi was taken to hospital by SOS coworkers. Small pieces of glass were removed from under her eye. After the visit, Rumi insisted to wait and pick her daughter, when she is finished. “My only worry was to make sure that Samrina isn’t distracted for her exams. My children are my first priority,” said Rumi.