It is widely understood that a stable, nurturing and safe environment lays the foundation for a child's wholesome development. Unfortunately, not every child has this advantage. Without the stability of a family, a child faces an increased risk of malnutrition, violence, exploitation and other life-threatening circumstances / social evils. A child's wholesome development is best realised in a caring and loving family. This makes the departure point for our Family Like Care model. This programme features personalised, individual quality care provided by a trained caregiver (SOS Mother). The four pillars of this programme include: home, Mother, siblings and the Village, emphasis, thereby, being on stronger socioemotional relationships with a stable caregiver (SOS Mother), family and community

SOS Home

When at home, children enjoy a real sense of belonging under the care and protection of a trained SOS Mother

SOS Mother

SOS Mother builds a close, nurturing relationship with every child entrusted to her, and provides love, stability and security.

SOS Brother and Sister

Children of different ages live together in one house as siblings and form part of a big SOS Family.

SOS Villages

SOS Families form a supportive environment where children enjoy a happy childhood, healthcare and education.

  • 6,500+ children are growing up in a family, in our Villages
  • 395+ children were relinked with their kith and kin
  • 680+ youth settled and leading independent lives

Journeys of Change

Settled Youth, Family Like Care

Sapna was just six years of age when she was entrusted to SOS Children’s Villages India. Being a bright student, all along, she opted for BBA post her class XII, in which she secured 80%. The lockdown came as a blow, as Sapna was not able to pursue her dreams, as she wanted to. “I made it a point to make the best use of the time at home: I just studied. And then, things did change. I applied for a vacancywith a firm in the HR department, as that is my forte, and was called for an interview, which I cleared. It was a start-up, and though I learnt a lot on the job, I wanted to scale-up; so I applied to another firm, which I cleared too. My main role here is to conduct assessments, which I really enjoy, being a people’s person.” In her free time, this ex Head-Girl of her school loves to paint and make crafts. Gardening is another hobbyof hers

My Mother always told me how important education was. She inculcated moral values and etiquettes. I remember how she always used to emphasise that besides studies, good behaviour is also vital. I think this desire to give back to society stems from the values she has inculcated in me.

Settled Youth, Family Like Care

K. Srilatha was welcomed to SOS Children’s Villages when she was 15, along with her younger sister Sirisha. She is now an audiologist and speech therapist. Her sister is a nutritionist. After securing a distinction in her class X and class XII exams, Srilatha completed her post-graduation in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology(ASLP).

This is a profession I wanted to take up since as long as I can remember. My father was speech and hearing impaired. Perhaps, that served as one of the reasons. The job I have chosen has, actually, chosen me. It is challenging, but also fulfilling. Children, who come to me, face different problems, and one has to be very patient, empathic and understanding.