The journey towards strengthening families

The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) is a community-based outreach approach, which is focused on empowering vulnerable families and communities so that they can adequately care for their children. Children belonging to vulnerable families and communities are at a risk of being abandoned and, therefore, through the programme, the focus is to prevent children from losing parental care.

We support families/individuals in generating sustainable income, while building their capacity to ensure that children are provided with an environment where they are well cared for and their basic rights to education, skilling, health and nutrition, amongst others, are met.

The programme is designed to provide vulnerable children with essential services

such as health, nutrition and education. Women from disadvantaged families, supported through the programme, are primary caregivers, who are strengthened to be financially independent and self-sustainable through livelihood support extended for promotion of income generation activities. Capacities of primary caregivers are essentially enhanced in the areas of parenting and care, child protection and financial literacy so that they can, in turn, ensure to provide for and contribute actively towards the holistic development of their children. Another integral part of the programme is the Bal Panchayat (Children’s Parliament) model that gives young ones a collective voice through a democratic platform at the grassroots level.

Our Reach

The Family Strengthening Programme has, till date, reached out to more than 38000 children in rural areas and urban slums in 27 locations, across 22 states/UTs.

Spanning over the period of 3 to 5 years, the programme aims to strengthen families to become self-reliant by ensuring holistic development of their children, building capacities and income generating skills of their caregivers.

  • 83000+ lives empowered
  • 10000+ families strengthened via capacity building activities
  • 956+ youth skilled
  • 23000+ children extended education support
  • 18000+ vulnerable women integrated into Self Help Groups

Sustainable Livelihoods

Empowering the caregiver for a stronger and more resilient community

Self Help Groups

Empowering caregivers towards attaining self- reliance

Capacity Building

Efforts placed towards the sustained, overall development of an individual

Youth Skilling

Empowering the youth of tomorrow with vocational training, soft skills and digital literacy

Education Support

Facilitating 21st century skill sets through holistic education imparted with quality and in a timely fashion.

Bal Panchayat

Future decision makers for social issues