Dedicate your birthday, wedding or other special occasion or mark a milestone in your life-to help in our cause of ensuring that no child is alone

Donate on your birthday and help vulnerable children celebrate their birthday

You can use your birthday to change someone’s life for better by supporting a child at SOS India. Whether you are turning 28, 35 or 50, you can use your birthday to bring an ever-lasting impact in the life of a child and that’s the birthday you will always remember.

It all starts with your birthday wish. Do you wish to transform futures and make the world a better, brighter place for the children who need it most? Then let's do this!

Three simple ways to make a birthday donation

The birthday donations you raise will change the lives of children. See how one small act from you can change the future of children in need

  1. On Facebook Create a fundraiser asking friends to donate instead of giving you gifts
  2. On the crowd funding page Create a fundraiser on any crowdfunding platform like Give India, Ketto etc. (we guide you on this) and then share it to your social networks
  3. Donate Make a birthday donation in your own name, honoring your special day

What's in it for you

  • Satisfaction of supporting vulnerable children and giving back to the society on your special day
  • Helping a child fulfill their ambition
  • 50% tax exemption benefit on your contribution
  • SOS Children’s Villages India’s newsletters with stories about our work and event updates

Here's to more meaning, more celebrating and more children reached on YOUR special day!

For any more details, write in to

Make your D-day stand for the difference | Donate on your Wedding

Little by little, with each passing day it is becoming easier to live a socially conscious life and when it comes to your big day, it can serve as a way of sharing your joy with a lot more people than you think! A wedding comes with many moving parts and several aspects bring along the opportunity to make a choice that will benefit others thus making your festivities more philanthropic. Supporting and donating to a charity working on a subject closer to your heart shall result in greater satisfaction and happiness to your self!!

We will help couples who are passionate about giving to make their big day a generous one. They can choose from a range of options for child support listed on the website and make their selection visible to their guests thus allowing them to make donations to their preferred cause as their wedding gifts.

Write in us at and we shall help you facilitate this donation process on the most special day of your life.

SOS occasions help the children at SOS Children’s Villages India celebrate!!


Commemorated on June 23 every year, SOS Day marks the birth anniversary of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, founding father of SOS Children’s Villages India. To celebrate the joyous day, a cultural programme is organised in all 31 Children’s Villages across India, wherein children and co-workers participate in various fun activities.

SOS Tarang

To commemorate Universal Children’s Day in the month of November SOS India organises SOS Tarang, the annual sports and cultural festival of SOS Children’s Villages India. With the participation of children from across 31 Children’s Villages in 22 states, SOS Tarang not only is a platform for them to display their talent but also a great time to bond with each other.

The event is a culmination of a series of regional, zonal and national level competitions every year in the field of Art, Culture and Sports.

SOS Mother’s Day

At SOS Children’s Villages India, mothers serve a crucial role, across all initiatives. Keeping the above in mind, Mother’s Day is observed with a lot of love and enthusiasm. Various events are organised such as sessions on health and parenting skills, amongst other topics; cultural and entertainment events, panel discussions on important topics like challenges faced by mothers and plausible solutions are some other events organised. Children present arts and crafts prepared especially by them, for their mothers, as a token of appreciation and gratitude. They also take part in skits and dance/song programmes that aim to thank mothers for their relentless dedication and hard work.

Ways to collaborate & support

  • Sponsorship opportunities of the event
  • Sponsor a child
  • Barter options - support with products used in this celebration.

Reach out to us on for further query!!