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Be the change maker – Leaving behind agift that is cherished FOREVER!!
A gift in your Will for a better & loving childhood

Life never gives a second chance to all, but for a few, you can be that chance and leave behind a gift in your Willfor the once vulnerable children. We understand leaving a Will is a personal and emotional decision, the right to which is your loved ones, but how about being remembered for your noble cause.

Leaving behind a gift in your Will is an investment in children’s future and ensuring your omnipresent love is showered in their upbringing always. Your gift can make a formidable difference in building a robust generation in India.

A gift in your will to vulnerable children

  • If you're bearing in mind a gift in your will to SOS Children's Villages India, you’re including some of the world’s most distressed children in your embrace. Your legacy – be it magnificent or modest – is a gesture of pure love extended to a child you will probably never meet. Perhaps that child is yet to be born.
  • SOS Children’s Villages India is the world’s largest charity dedicated to providing safe, warm, loving homes to parentless and abandoned children across the globe.
  • Without the support from SOS Children’s Villages India initiatives and programmes, these children would spend their days living in hunger and danger of exploitation and cruelty. Your gift not only rescues these children, but it also builds their future by providing a safe home, healthy food, school, medical care – and most importantly, the love of an SOS mother who will raise them until adulthood.
  • You may be surprised to realise how incredible a gift in your Will can be. People are sometimes thrilled to learn that an apparently modest inheritance can actually amount to more money than they gave in their entire lifetime. Inheritances are indeed an opportunity for ordinary supporters to make truly extraordinary philanthropic gifts.
  • If you do decide to make a gift in your Will, you are not alone. There are 1.5 million Indians alive today who have planned bequests to charities. Their spirit of giving will live on – and indeed transform countless lives – for generations to come. The word ‘philanthropy’ means ‘love of humankind’. Surely, those of us who plan these bequests are making the noblest of philanthropic gifts.

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