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Located in the south-east of India, Bengaluru is located in Karnataka. The IT sector in the city has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and has become a hub for the same. A lot of economic growth has been seen in the city, where development of industries is seen to be rapidly rising. Bengaluru is a city that has attracted a large number of people from rural areas who come here in search of better opportunities. It is due to this that Bengaluru is the third most populous country in India. It is because of this increase in the population that this urban city has also seen a rise in its poverty rate.

NGO in Bangalore

The SOS Village in Bengaluru was established in 1990. Our work in Bengaluru revolves around supporting local children and families. The total number of children under our care at present is 167. These children reside in 16 Family Homes, where they are nurtured by fourteen SOS mothers, four mothers Trainees and one Aunt. All the children at SOSCV India are enrolled in formal schools and even attend college for their higher education.

All festivals of National and International importance are celebrated with great enthusiasm at SOS India. This helps inculcate in children the value of togetherness in a family. Apart from this, various activities are also organized often for mothers and children to have their own bonding time. In addition, regular medical camps are also organized to keep a check on the health of children.

SOS Youth

At present, the total number of youth in the Youth House is 100. While the majority of our young boys are pursuing their education in schools, the rest are enrolled in reputed colleges for their bachelor degree courses. Special training is also provided to children for various Vocational courses. SOS India is one of the most known NGOs in Bengaluru for education of children from the weaker sections of society. organizes a number of seminars and workshops for children and other members of the village in order to educate them about key social issues like child labour, gender equality, importance of hygiene, female foeticide etc.

Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)

The Family Strengthening Programme in Bengaluru was initiated in the year 2003. The purpose of starting this scheme was to empower families who could not sustain themselves on their own and needed support. SOS India under this programme provides such families with financial aid, and also works towards their socio-economic development by working towards developing their skill. This helps people realize their highest potential. At present, there are 476 beneficiaries unedr the FSP. Once a family becomes self- sufficient, it exits the programme and is replaced by a new family.

Various personality development workshops and programmes are organized by SOS India in collaboration with Swasti NGO, Child Rights Trust, NIMHANS, INSA India, BOSCO NGO and SWASTI in order to strengthen the capacity of such families. We look for volunteers every year who are willing to contribute to the cause for our NGO in Bengaluru.

Another major part of our Family Strengthening Programme is Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Almost all families become part of a SHG, where people from the same socio-economic background come together to solve problems of each other through mutual help. FSP in Bengaluru has also worked widely towards sensitizing families that fall under its care. Regular seminars and awareness programmes are organized where children and their parents are educated about key social issues like HIV/AIDS, adolescence and its changes etc.

How To Reach

1. SOS Children’s Village Bengaluru is at a distance of 15.7 kms from the Bengaluru City Junction Railway Station

2. It is 62.4 kms away from Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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