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SOS Children’s Village Bhuj came into existence after one of the worst natural calamities of the world.
Located in the north-western state of Gujarat, Bhuj has one of the many rapidly growing economies in India. Back in 2001, the city of Bhuj was struck by one of the most terrifying earthquakes on January 26th, and devastated the whole town. The estimated count of the people who died went up to 20,000; it resulted in leaving many children parentless. Since then, Bhuj has been able to recover greatly with the help of its neighbouring cities but there is still a large portion of people who continue to live under urban poverty. Children here live at a great risk of losing parental care. The number of families who have not been able to recover from their loss after the “death quake” is massive. People live in poor conditions with sanitation levels at its bare minimum. Children do not have access to education and their parents often find it difficult to meet even the basic needs of their family.


After the devastation caused by an earthquake in 2001, many children were left parentless. SOS Children’s Village in Bhuj is one of the NGOs in India that was formed with the sole purpose of rescuing and helping children to have a family once again. Children at SOS are nurtured under the care of a loving mother, where they also have other children of their age who become their brothers and sisters. They are enrolled in formal schools and are provided with the best possible education.
At present, SOSCV Bhuj has 130 children under its care. A number of activities are organized at regular intervals for children to have knowledge about what goes around them in society. Activities like Resilience Building, Positive Youth Development, Cyber Mentorship Training and sessions on Child Rights & Protection have been held in the Village. Among youth, awareness was also raised about Cyber Abuse. Children are constantly motivated to perform well not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. In addition, Vocational training is also provided to children in order to realize their maximum potential.


At present, the total number of youth at our facility is 115. While many are still in schools, others are in college pursuing their bachelor degree courses. The academic record of all youth has been consistently good. Besides academics, they are motivated to contribute in community services and its related programmes. In 2016, many of our young people took part in the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan at Shivam Park Madhpar.

While many of our youth now have well-paying jobs, some of them have also gotten married and are well settled in life.

(A) Hermann Gmeiner School
Hermann Gmeiner School in Bhuj was established in 2005 to provide education to children at a subsidized rate. The school functions in a vernacular medium and is affiliated with the Gujarat State Education Board. At present, the total number of beneficiaries in our school is 257.

Exposure to all kinds of co-curricular activities including Sports, Debate, Music and Dance is given to children at our school. A number of competitions are held every year in order to help children become competent to survive in the long run. Festivals of both National and International importance are celebrated with great zest in school.


The Family Strengthening Programme in Bhuj was initiated in order to help empower people to become self-sufficient. At present, the FSP in Bhuj has a total of 1240 beneficiaries under its care. The FSP works towards providing under privileged families with methods to improve their income level. Along with livelihood opportunities; people are given special trainings for their skill development.

Education is imparted in children who come from families under the FSP. Along with free tuition classes, computer classes are also provided to children. Children’s Clubs are formed within the FSP, wherein children help and contribute towards solving issues of their community. At present, the FSP in Bhuj consists of 14 such Children’s Clubs.


  1. SOS Children’s Village in Bhuj is 9.8 kms away from the Bhuj Railway Station.
  2. It is at a distance of 11.9 kms from the Bhuj Airport.

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