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Hojai is located in the Nagaon District of Assam, North India. Even though growth in the technical and industrial sector has been witnessed over the years, there is still a large proportion in the state that is only involved in agricultural activities for their livelihood. Areas with more people involved in rural activities have seen to be having higher poverty ratio. The people living in such areas have less access to proper hygiene, health, and education facilities.


The SOS Children’s Village in Hojai came into picture after the communal violence in Assam in the year 1983. A large number of children lost their parents and families amidst this political unrest. Our aim was to help and support families who were hopeless after the devastation by helping them get back on their feet. Today, our Village is sheltering 158 children growing up under the loving care of 13 dedicated mothers, five aunts and 11 mother trainees. Children at SOS Children’s Village  Hojai are going to 19 different schools and colleges spread across Hojai and other towns of Nagaon, Tezpur and Guwahati.


There are four Youth Homes in the town of Hojai; out of which, three are located in various localities within 3 – 4 km from the Village Campus, and one is situated inside the Children’s Village Campus. At present, our Youth Homes have a total of 110 young boys under its care. Children at these homes are not only given a platform to perform well academically, but are also given the opportunity to showcase their talent beside the mainstream subjects; co-curriculars.


The Family Strengthening Programme offered by SOS India is a scheme under which families that need support to survive are lent a helping hand. It is when single mothers fail to meet the demands of her family that SOS India takes responsibility. Not only do we provide them with monetary assistance, we also work towards their training and development of skill to make them self-sustainable. As part of our training, awareness programs on health and hygiene, positive parenting and child rights are conducted on regular intervals.

Another way by which such families are supported is by Self Help Groups. In Hojai, there are a total of 17 Self Help Groups out of which, 12 have an ‘A’ Grade Ranking and 5 are in the ‘B’ Grade Ranking.  Three Bal Panchayats were also formed with 57 children in totality.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village, Hojai is at a distance of 2.1 km from Hojai Railway Station
  2. It is 151 km away from Dimapur Airport, Nagaland

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