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Jammu has been affected by years of violence due to clashes between Muslims and Hindus. The instability in the area has resulted in families moving out of town and living elsewhere as refugees.

The majority of the poor people in Jammu lives in rural areas but over the years, an increase in urban poverty has also been witnessed since people migrate to cities in search of better opportunities and livelihood. However, there is not enough infrastructure and resources to cater to the needs of the increasing population; this has resulted in an increase in slums in Jammu.

Families living under poverty struggle on a daily basis to make their ends meet. Parents are often unable to cater to the emotional and physical needs of their children; children are also forced to drop out of school and help their family in household chores.


The SOS Children’s Village in Jammu started its activities in the year 1998. At present, there are over 100 children living in 12 family homes under the Family Based Care Programme at the village. These children are placed under the care of nine SOS Mothers, who are assisted by five SOS Aunts who help them with their day to day activities.

Children at SOS CV Jammu attend regular schools and colleges; academic results of all our children have shown significant improvement over the years. Not only are they encouraged to work hard in their studies, they are also driven to actively take part in extracurricular activities.

All festivals of national and international importance are celebrated with joy at SOS CV Jammu. Such celebrations involve all children, mothers and other village co-workers, who gather together to enjoy festivities.


At the age of 14, our youth boys are shifted to the Youth House where they continue their progress. At present, the number of youth at our facility in Jammu goes up to 68. While many of our children are enrolled in schools, others are pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degree courses from colleges.
In order to give our youth exposure, various excursions and tour visits are organized. Picnics are also conducted for children and their caregivers where a day out of fun-filled activities is planned; this serves as a bonding time between children and their family members.
(A) Hermann Gmeiner School (HGS)
The number of children enrolled in the Hermann Gmeiner School, Jammu, now goes over 1000. The pass rate of children taking the board exam for class X and XII in the school has now reached 100%, which is a great achievement in itself.
Children in HGS are active in co-curricular activities, especially sports; they have participated in championships at both levels; State and National.


The Family Strengthening Programme in Jammu was initiated in the year 2010. Our vision through this programme is to uplift families from the weaker section of society and help them reach self-sustainability.

At present, the FSP in Jammu has 385 beneficiaries under its care. In order to help these families become independent, various capacity building activities and workshops are conducted for them to realize their highest potential and improve their income generating ability. With the FSP intervention in Jammu, noticeable improvements have been seen in the living standards of families under our care.

During the year, various awareness programmes are organized by SOS India for beneficiaries under FSP, where they are educated on issues such as health and hygiene, child care and protection, parenting techniques etc. In addition, activities for children in the Children’s Club were also conducted for their holistic development.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village is located at a distance of 8.1 km from the Jammu Railway Station.
  2. It is a distance of 7.5 km from the Jammu Airport.

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