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Nagapattinam is a city in Tamil Nadu that has tried to sustain itself over the years with the help of its agricultural and fishing activities. Unfortunately, the town was devastated by the Tsunami that occurred in December 2004, destroying the only means to earn a living for a large number of families. In 2011, Nagapattinam was again hit by a massive cyclone Thane, which destroyed everything that was left with the families after Tsunami. Majority of the people now live in slums with no access to even the basic amenities. Their sanitation facilities are poor and people also often suffer from chronic diseases that eventually lead to death, leaving many children parentless.


The SOS Children’s Village in Nagapattinam is one of the NGOs in India that was established after the destructive Tsunami in 2004. Our organization was also part of the immediate relief operation that began right after the disaster. A large number of children were given shelter at our facility that lost their families in the chaos.

Children at our village are nurtured under the loving care of an SOS Mother and an SOS Aunt. They grow up with their non-biological SOS brothers and sisters and are taken care of by SOS India till the time they become self- sustainable.

Many children who came at our village in Nagapattinam were immensely traumatised after the tragedy. Special care and attention were given to children to ensure their well-being. All the children at our facility are enrolled in formal schools where they are given the best possible education. While many are studying in schools, the rest are attending college and are pursuing their bachelor degree courses.


At present, the total number of youth under our care has gone up to 35. The academic records of all our youth have remained to be consistently good. SOS India also provides Vocational training to children and young people in order to put bring out the best of their potential.

A number of training sessions and awareness programmes are organized at regular intervals by SOS India to ensure that our children are not left behind in any sphere of life. We believe in preparing young people to be able to live a healthy and an independent life.


The Family Strengthening Programme was initiated in Nagapattinam as a response to the local needs of the town after the Tsunami in 2004. Since then, the FSP there has been working towards the upliftment and empowerment of people, especially the affected families. At present, the total number of beneficiaries under our care is 1280.
Various capacity building programmes and workshops are held under the FSP, where families are helped and trained to realize their highest potential.

Children from all FSP families are enrolled in schools and are also given free tuition and computer classes. Career counseling sessions for children are also organized, where they are helped to understand their field of interest for the long run.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village is at a distance of 4.1 kms from the Nagapattinam Junction Railway Station.
  2. It is 154 kms away from the Tiruchirappalli Airport.

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