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Puducherry is located in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. The area majorly lives off agricultural and fishing activities. In 2004, Puducherry was struck by tsunami and suffered heavily. While a large number of people lost their lives in the calamity, many lost their properties and livelihood.

It took time for the city to win over the loss, but with the help of external support, the recovery was quicker than expected. Even though all necessary efforts were made to improve the situation, the problem of Urban Poverty could not be catered to. At present, one fifth of the population in Puducherry lives below the poverty line. They live in slums and are exposed to unhygienic and unsound health conditions. The sanitation levels are also poor in the city.

Following the disaster, a full-fledged SOS Children’s Village was set up in the panoramic campus at Pillayarkuppam, 16 Kilometers from the heart of the Puducherry; 15 SOS Family Homes, Social Centres, Kindergartens, Office Facilities and Staff Quarters were arranged.


Under the Family Based Care Project, SOS Children’s Village Puducherry is now a blissful home to 126 children living happily and enjoying their life in 15 SOS Family Homes.

With the love and care that children received from their SOS Families, they overcame their traumas and are doing well in life. A 100% pass result in higher secondary board examination has been consistent in the academic records of the village. Our children are now pursuing professional education in the field of Microbiology, Computer Science, Commerce, Social Work and Nursing in various universities.

All major festivals are celebrated in the village to spread the spirit of joy and togetherness among the SOS Families. Also, various kinds of activities are undertaken such as summer camp, sports meet, youth parliament etc. for children to get exposure. All necessary efforts are made to ensure their holistic development.


SOS Children’s Village Puducherry has two youth facilities for boys above 14 years of age and at present; the total number of youth under our care is 91. Youth are given cyclical responsibilities to share their day to day activities at the youth facilities.

At the Youth facility, the boys celebrate all functions and festivals with their SOS Family Members in order to imbibe a feeling of togetherness and belonging. The SOS Mothers visit the youth facilities in regular intervals to motivate the boys and inspire them to excel in life.

While many of our youth are studying in school, the rest are enrolled in college. Various awareness sessions and workshops are organized for children in order to keep them updated about the on-going issues in society.


The Family Strengthening Programme works with vulnerable families to empower them through capacity building training related to entrepreneurial skill development, mushroom cultivation, vermicomposting, etc. The aim of an FSP is to help families reach self-reliance. Once a family reaches self-sufficiency, it exits the programme and is replaced with a new family in need of support. At present, there are 200 beneficiaries under our FSP in Puducherry.

With the help of this scheme, caregivers have now started earning up to Rs.5000 additional income for their respective families. Various awareness programmes and sessions are organized at regular intervals under this scheme for all our beneficiaries in order to help them stay updated with the current social issues of society and trend.

Under the Family Strengthening Programme at Puducherry, we have also helped families affected by Tsunami to bring up their children within a caring family environment.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village Puducherry is located at a distance of 15.6 km from the Puducherry Railway Station
  2. It is 19.8 km away from the Pondicherry Airport

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