Kinship Care Programme in India

Kinship Care Programme

Kinship Care involves children being cared for by their extended family or with close friends of the family known to the child.
To ensure that children without parental care grow up with minimal disruption to their educational, cultural and social lives, SOS India introduced Kinship Care in 2016. Eighty-one children were being cared for under the programme in 2018. The programme facilitates full-time care, nurture and protection of a child by relatives or other adults who have a familial relationship with the child.
During the year, SOS India initiated the development of parameters for effective implementation of Kinship Care and process to be followed for reunification of children, besides other initiatives to strengthen the programme.
  1. Children who lacked education were enrolled in preparatory classes
  2. Children joining formal schools were admitted in classes appropriate with their learning levels
  3. Children were provided tuition to enhance learning
Health & Nutrition
  1. Health checkups were conducted for all the children to measure BMI and HB levels
  2. Individual health charts were prepared with dietary and nutritional requirement
Training & Mentorship
  1. Local mentors from the community were assigned to support each family
  2. Trainings were organised to familiarise caregivers on child care policies
  3. Caregivers were also trained on budgeting, accounting & bookkeeping
  4. Eligible children and families were linked with government saving scheme