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It is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and is considered to be one of the most densely populated cities in the country. Madhya Pradesh is a state that is rapidly urbanizing. The reason for migration of people from rural to urban areas is in quest for better living conditions and to improve their standard of living. This has resulted in a massive increase in the number of urban slums, where people are struggling on a day to day basis to make their ends meet.

In 1984, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy shook the city, leaving many children parentless and abandoned. The poisonous gas leak not only resulted in loss of life and property but also left many individuals with partial and permanent disability for the rest of their lives.

NGO in Bhopal

The SOS Children’s Village in Bhopal was established in the year 1987. Once a child is welcomed in an SOS Family, he/she is placed under the care of a loving SOS Mother and an SOS Aunt, who assists the mother with her work and daily activities.

All children are regarded as brothers and sisters in an SOS Family Home. They grow up together and are nurtured in a healthy family environment. At present, the total number of children at our facility is 160.

All children under our care attend regular schools and are motivated to be better performers in both academics and co-curricular activities. Various awareness sessions and skill development trainings/workshops are organized for children within the village in order to keep them up to date with the current social issues and for their overall growth and development.

All festivals of national and international importance are celebrated in the children’s village with great fervor. This is also regarded as a good opportunity for the child to bond and gel up well with his family members and other village caregivers.


At the age of 14, our youth boys are shifted to the Youth House where they continue their progress to become a responsible adult. At present, the total number of youth at our facility is 94. While some of our youth are still studying in school, others are enrolled in college pursuing their bachelor degree course. Not only are the youth motivated to perform well in academics, they are also driven to actively take part in co-curricular activities.

All youth boys share a strong bond with their mothers, brothers and sisters, which is why we at SOS India ensure that their ties stay secure. Mothers are free to visit their boys in the youth house whenever they wish to. On occasions like birthdays and other festivals, boys can also visit the children’s village to meet and spend time with their families.

Our youth also took part in cleaning their surroundings and locality as part of the “Let us fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision of Clean India- Swachh Bharat.” Active participation of our boys was witnessed; this also served as a fun group activity for all.

(A) Hermann Gmeiner School
The SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Bhopal is affiliated with the M.P Board of Education. At present, the school strength is over 750 and serves children from nursery to class VIII. Academic result of children studying in the Hermann Gmeiner School has been consistently well. They are not only seen to be excelling in academics but also have won laurels in various inter-school competitions in sports, dance, music etc.

Our school focuses on the holistic development of every child. The school in Bhopal is well facilitated with interactive class rooms, libraries and computer rooms in order to provide children exposure in the best possible way.


The Family Strengthening Programme in Bhopal has been functioning since 2007. Our aim through the FSP is to drag families out of the vicious circle of poverty, who are unable to support their families and need assistance.
Under the FSP, all efforts are made to help families reach self-reliance. At present, the number of beneficiaries under our care goes upto 901. Families are driven and trained towards income generating activities like goat rearing, cattle rearing and many more to be able to earn enough to support their families.


  1. The SOS Children’s Village in Bhopal is 22 km away from the Bhopal Airport.
  2. It is at a distance of 9.6 km from the Bhopal Railway Station.

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