Short Stay Homes - Creating safe spaces for children in distress

Short Stay Homes serve as homes of hope for children who require a short-term, safe and secure abode, ranging from a few days to a few weeks; these children are affected by calamities or disasters such as the ongoing pandemic, and their parents or caregivers are not able to take care of them.

With this programme, we provide child care spaces alongside ad hoc or permanent infrastructure to secure care to those affected, receive resources, professional aid, and emotional healing, in a child-friendly environment.

  • Over 200 children have been moved to long term care.
  • More than 100 plus children have been restored with their biological families.
  • 500 plus children have been brought home.

Success Story

Six-year-old Sonia was brought to our Short Stay Home facility by the police. Just a few hours prior, she was found sitting next to her mother’s lifeless body at a traffic signal on a busy road in Faridabad, Haryana, India. Her father had succumbed to COVID-19 a couple of days earlier and subsequently the disease had taken away her mother too. The child was clearly distressed, but caregivers at the Short Stay Home provided her protection, love and care. Since the little girl was left without parental care and did not have any next of kin family to look after her, it was decided that she will be given extended care and was moved to a Children’s Village where she received Family Like Care. Sonia was warmly welcomed at SOS Children’s Village Greenfields, where her Mother greeted her with a warm hug and smile. With infinite patience, the Mother guided and helped her with everything. Sonia’s nutritional requirements are well taken care of. This is also the first time Sonia is living in a house, within four walls, instead of being in the open, on the street. At six years of age, Sonia has a lot to catch up with, in terms of social skills and educational competencies but the child is showing a lot of promise. Sonia is one of many in India who lost their parents to the pandemic. SOS Children’s Villages of India is actively responding to these challenging times by helping to provide a loving home for every child.